Data scientist

Tactile Entertainment is looking for a data scientist to help us grow our games by understanding player behaviour and motivation, personalizing the playing experience and optimizing marketing activities.

As a data scientist at Tactile Entertainment you will work in an agile environment in close collaboration with game teams and the marketing department. It is not a requirement that you have experience from the game industry—what we value is your ability to understand statistical modeling, to intelligibly convey complex ideas and results and profiency in Python and SQL.

In your daily work, you will typically perform data analysis and predictive modelling to optimize player engagement and solve business problems like forecasting customer value.

You will ensure we validate results and make informed decisions based on data across functions.

General Responsibilities

  • Design new algorithmic approaches to solving difficult quantitative problems
  • Apply advanced machine learning to our huge data sets to determine the most meaningful in game offer to the right user at the optimal time at the best price
  • Work with game designers to identify key performance metrics and benchmarks related to user behavior, user segmentation, and user retention.
  • Design data experiments to verify assumptions and hypothesis
  • Build in-game pricing models to optimize in-game economies
  • Marketing optimization – Find the best way to advertise to our customers to maximize engagement, clickthroughs, and In App Purchases (IAP).


  • Experience with data analysis using SQL
  • Experience with Python programming for large scale data processing
  • Excellent knowledge of predictive modelling and machine learning
  • Great data visualization skills
  • Great attention to detail
  • Ability to work independently in a structured way
  • Strong collaboration skills

The position is for full time employment, on-site and starting as soon as possible.

Major Pluses

  • Strong interest in games and the video game industry
  • Academic or work experience of quantitative research on large datasets (relevant fields could be biology, geography, physics, economics etc)
  • Previous experience in the gaming industry
  • Experience with Linux and backend technologies such as node.js and Docker


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